Titan class Gunstar

These are the main escorts of the Colonial Fleet. They have excellent defensive batteries set up for defending against fighter attack. They are meant to perform escort and scouting duties when not in combat, and in combat they can provide extra cover, or run enemy formations and blockades with their powerful engines. Once past an enemy blockade, they can either attack other ships or deliver the 500 marines that it carries aboard. They also have a small flight pod that descends from the centre of the ship. On the ground, the flight pod lowers until it reaches the ground and this is where deploying Marines debark the ship.

CREW COMPLIMENT: 600 crew, 500 Marines (One Marine Battalion)

FIGHTER COMPLIMENT: Normally none, but can operate between 12 and 40 Vipers. Numerous Raptors, Scimitar Bombers, and Shuttles.

GROUND VEHICLE COMPLIMENT: Landram Mark II Ground Assault Vehicles.

JUMP RANGE: 90 Stellar Units (SU)


List of Known Titan GunstarsEdit


The Titan Class Gunstar is base on Todd Boyce Defender..