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Raider Mk1

Cylon War era Raider

Class: Heavy Attack Craft

Crew: Three Cylon Centurions

Weapons: 2 forward-firing kenitic energy weapons

Jump Range: Unknown

The original Cylon Raider as seen during the Cylon War resembled a "great flying wing." Deployed en masse by the Hades class Basestar, Raiders were used to great effect against Battlestars and were nearly a match in maneuverability against their opponent, the Viper Mk II. They were also used as drop-ships for deploying ground forces, and were capable of landing in a vertical fashion, much like the Colonial Raptor.

This Raider model had a crew comprised of three Centurions. From the rear cockpit a Command-variant Centurion gave orders to two Cylons positioned at the front to pilot, navigate, and handle weapons.

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