Below is an example of how to lay out an article regarding a ship. In general there will also be another article for that ship's class, this being the case avoid including information common to all examples of the class where reasonable (particularly in the infobox). Only include sections if what you're going to say is actually different to something standard to the class. Remember that the below is a guide, not a rule. Try to stick to it but use common sense.

[Something]star [Name]
Battlestar Example Schematic
Type [Military/Civilian] or [Colonial/Cylon]
FTL Super awesome type (with a light-years far red line)
Propulsion It's got engines, and manoeuvring thrusters.
Crew Some Number
Commanding Officer Commander [Name]
Executive Officer Colonel [Name]
Role Carrier/Battleship Hybrid (most likely)
Weapons Big guns, small guns missiles etc.
Small Craft X Vipers, Y Raptors, Z Shuttles
Status Should we really use this...?
Length lots of meters (more feet)
Width lots of meters (more feet)
Height lots of meters (more feet)

This is the opening paragraph. Fluf this out with a basic description of what the ship is (i.e. link to it's class) and it's role in the story. Basically, quickly summarize the ship. Try not to include spoilers here, stick to information current around the time that's it's introduced. Spoilers come in the history section.


Hopefully this ship will have a long and interesting history. This page should mostly be about that. Fill it out as best you can, use sub headings, for example:


What did it do before the Cylons went all killy killy?


How is it not dead yet


What's it been up to now. The last paragraph of this or an equivalent subheading should cover it's current role.


If the ship was destroyed then this should detail things relevant to it that happened after that.


Use this to discuss things that make it unique, either as a sole surviving example of it's class that contrasts it with other ships or in comparison with the rest of it's class. Sub-headings may include all sorts of things from air-wing to equipment.


It's taken a pounding, so is smaller than standard. It's also organised in an interesting way with different squadrons.


Yeah, it has all sorts of fancy wiz-bang techno shiny things :)


Sometimes there is simply a lot to be said about a ships crew, use a heading for this if it's too extensive to work as a subheading of characteristics.

Behind the scenesEdit

Trivia, information about the name, progression of design ect.


For anything that doesn't fit in another subheading but should be noted.