Major David Briedis is the Chief Engineering Officer on the Battlestar Prometheus

David Briedis is an engineering genius. At 36 years old he has served on three Battlestars and most recently worked on the design team for the Nova Class project, focusing both on engine and structural design. He holds two engineering degrees and is regarded as one of the best engineering minds in the Colonial Fleet. Initially, he was turned down for assignment to the Prometheus as the Admiralty wanted to keep him at home to supervise the construction of the second Nova Class Battlestar, the Battlestar Atlantia. He turned down that assignment though, and threatened to resign if he wasn’t allowed to accopany the Prometheus on her maiden voyage. Reluctantly, the Admiralty gave into his demands and he was placed as the assistant Chief to Major Argyle. After Major Argyle died in an attack by Alliance forces, he was promoted to C.E.O. where he has excelled ever since.