Conqueror class Battlecruiser
Conqueror class battlecruiser
Type Military
Crew 1,715 officers and crewmen
Role Ship-of-the-Line
Weapons Fourteen primary and twenty-eight secondary Kinetic Energy Weapons on single mount turrets. Anti-ship and anti-fighter missiles.
Status At-least two ships remain operational
Length 4,141 ft (1262 meters)
Width 1008 ft (307 meters)
Height 556 ft (169 meters)

The Conqueror class Battlecruiser is the primary ship of the line of the Terran Alliance. Similar in armament, size and engines to the Jupiter Class Battlestars, These ships are the ships of the line for the Terran Alliance. They project the power of Sae’tzar and the Conclave across the seventeen worlds of the Alliance and beyond. The Conqueror has been in service with the Alliance fleet for years and has become the ultimate symbol of power within Terran society. It has a jump range of 70 stellar units (S.U.) and 20 Accipiter fighters along with enough food, fuel and water to last for three years.


The Battlecruiser is the primary “Ship-of-the-Line” for the Terran Alliance. Compared to Colonial designs, it is closest in function and ability to the heavier gunstars, such as the Sabre Class. The design has been in operation for years with the Alliance fleet, and has become the traditional sign of political and military power. The Battlecruiser design is optimized for ship-to-ship combat and orbital bombardment, and as such does not carry a large airwing. Conquerors represent the primary offensive capacity in a battlegroup, tending to draw fire away form escorting Destroyers and frigates, allowing them to act as a trump card, or to provide long range fire support. The exterior of the ship bristles with heavy armament and sensor clusters, showing the Alliance’s predisposition of utility over elegance. technologically, a Conqueror is roughly 50-100 years behind the Colonials warships.

The Conqueror has an uncanny resemblance to the Ares Class Battlestar, and other related designs. Considering the fact that the Alliance has been aware of the Colonies for atleast 17 years prior to the cylon attack, it is possible that they copied older designs (the schematics of which would have been far easier to obtain then for modern ships).

The Conqueror Carries 20 Accipiter class fighters according to Ship charts, however, they have been shown to deploy as many as 60 fighters, implying a much higher capacity under certain circumstances, or different variants. The hanger is included in a large blister, a feature not seen in Colonial designs, but which presumable allows for greater cargo storage (it also seats much of the Battlecruiser's offensive capacity).

Known Conqueror class BattlecruisersEdit

  • Conqueror
  • Kraken
  • Gorgon (Destroyed in Episode 1-7 "Children of the Exiles, pt 2")
  • Cerberus
  • Hydra (Heavily damaged in Episode 1-7 "Children of the Exiles, pt 2")
  • Fire Hellion (Destroyed in Episode 1-9 "Desperate Times")
  • Judicator
  • Avenger
  • Lobo Negro (Destroyed in Episode 1-10 "Tears of Angels")
  • Serpentis (Destroyed in Episode 1-10 "Tears of Angels")
  • Medusa
  • Jupiter
  • Stormcrow (Destroyed in Episode 2-8 "Ghost Ship, pt 2")
  • Devastor (Possibly Destroyed in Episode 2-8 "Ghost Ship, pt 2")
  • Dominator (Possibly Destroyed in Episode 2-8 "Ghost Ship, pt 2")
  • Predator (Possibly Destroyed in Episode 2-8 "Ghost Ship, pt 2")

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