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The Colonial Forces is the collective military force of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. Comprised of two primary branches, the Colonial Fleet, and the Marine Corps, with a number of smaller reserve and supporting services. Colonial Forces were under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defence prior to the fall of the Twelve Colonies.

The various branches worked very closely together, to the extent that they may have operated as a combined arms force, if not in theory then in practice. There were numinous forms of protocol and rule covering the interaction of the differing branches, including the significant "Rule of Prejudice" which gave members of the Fleet seniority over equivalently ranked personal from another branch to resolve the merging of commands.


Formation and Cylon WarEdit

The Colonial fleet can trace its routes back to the years leading up to the Cylon War and the intitial development and construction of the three Ares Class Battlestars. The Fleet was created as a joint effort between the colonies as a peace keeping force. It also serviced the purpose of symbolising unity between humanity and the Cylons, but with the extra intention that it would form the back bone of the human resistance in the event of a Cylon uprising.

When the Cylons did rise up the fleet instantly became the heart around which the rest of the (now uniting) colonial fleets rallied and thus the Colonial fleet, in it's modern form, was born. The fleet was instrumental in preventing the Cylons from winning the first war. It's famous Battlestars, particualry the Jupiter Class (including the Galactica and former flagship of the fleet the Prometheus, both of which fought in the Battle of Caprica, a major turning point in the war) became symbols of human military power in the popular image and would form the face of the future fleet.

Known Ships of the period;

Inter war period and Cylon AttackEdit

In the 40 years since the end of the First Cylon War the Fleet had grown ten fold to the point that it was comprised of roughly 120 Battlestars as well as hundreds of Gunstars and thousands of smaller craft.

By this time the fleet also operated a number of modified civilian craft for scientific and utility purposes (though these assets may have been operated by a civilian auxiliary service). This included modified space park craft and "flattop" salvage and repair craft.

Post fall and RemnantEdit



BSG 22Edit

1st CEGEdit

Nova and Lobo NegroEdit

Other Copernicus SurvivorsEdit

Colonial-Alliance Defense ForceEdit

Colonial FleetEdit

The Colonial Fleet is the primary armed service branch of the Colonial Forces. Considered the most important service (as reflected in military protocol), it is extremely powerful, to the extend that even the Cylons considered it a decisively superior force to themselves (thus the use of sabotage).

Along side it's front line units the fleet also operated a number of modified civilian craft for scientific and utility purposes (though these assets may have been operated by a civilian auxiliary service). This included modified space park craft and "flattop" salvage and repair craft.

Colonial Marine CorpsEdit

Other ServicesEdit

There were a number of separate, and sub services attacked to the main ones. These included;

  • The Colonial Fleet Reserve (CFR). The reserve fleet was a volunteer organisation intended to support the Fleet proper in a time of war. It operated ships retired form the main fleet but still in a serviceable condition, to be quickly brought into the fight in a time of war. The CFR also followed the same rank structure as the Fleet, and it's officers and enlisted crewmembers were considered just as much a part of the fleet as any in active service (Lee Adama was a member of this service), and regularly took positions within it. Indeed, the lines between the Fleet and Reserve were blurry. The Battlestar Olduvai was opperated by this force.
  • Colonial Sepcial Operations Corps (CSOC). Knwon as "Black Berets" the men and women assigned to this special service were selected from the most highly skilled and ruthless officer and enlisted soldiers of the Colonial Defense Forces. The Black Beret selection process had an 87% fail/dropout rate.Once selected, soldiers undertook two years of special training in weapons, diplomacy, infiltration, espionage and assination. This course too had a high failure rate ensuring that only the top individuals were selected for the corps. Once training was complete Black Berets were comitted to a five year tour in CSOC after which they could opt to stay or to transfer back to regular fleet or marine units. However, Black Berets have a contingency activation clause in their contract which means that they can be called back to active duty within the CSOC at any time.
  • Colonial Marine Reserve

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