Jupiter Class Battlestar
Battlestar Olduvai
Type Military
FTL Block 2 Argos Class
Propulsion Block 2 Six sub-light engines.Numerous manoeuvring thrusters.
Crew Mixed crew of Reservists and Active Duty Officers Marines Crewmen and Civilian Techs.
Commanding Officer Commander Paul Rosa
Executive Officer Colonel Amelia Slaughter
Role Carrier/Battleship Hybrid
Weapons Block 2 As many as 514 dual point-defense KEW, 28 NAC-A dual KEW, at least 16 missile tubes capable of firing conventional and nuclear missiles.
Status Destroyed over Leonis.
Length 4720 feet (1438.64m)
Width 1762 feet (536.84m)
Height 602 feet (183.32m)

The Olduvai was a Block 2 Jupiter Class Battlestar, and part of the Fleet Reserve stationed at the Polaris Fleet Depot in orbit of Canceron that was hastily pressed back into service during the Destruction of the Colonies.


At the time of the Fall, the Olduvai was fortunate to be undergoing a mock trial for Operation Jump Start; a Colonial Fleet SIOP (Single Integrated Operation Plan), for the quick activation of the Reserve Fleet under certain conditions. As a result, the Olduvai was the most prepared ship of the Reserve Fleet, having already been mostly fuelled and her major systems activated. She was the first ship to deploy from the Polaris shipyard. However, despite this, Olduvai shipped out vastly under-manned and without any Viper pilots. Manned by mixed group Reservist, Technicians, and Active Duty personnel, the Olduvai was commanded by Commander Paul Rosa, a reservist. The X.O. was an active duty officer, Colonel Amelia Slaughter. Standard Fleet protocol demanded at least one of the senior officers be active duty. An extremely active part of the Copernicus Defense Fleet, the Olduvai was eventually destroyed by the Cylons during a rescue mission over Leonis, roughly ten months after the Fall of the Colonies.

Pre-Fall CareerEdit

Much of Olduvai’s Pre-Fall career remained unknown. Olduvai was commissioned either around the time of the Armistice or shortly their after. Olduvai and her sister ships were being phased out after the introduction of the Odin and Mercury Classes. Unlike most other Block 2sOlduvai was not rebuilt into the Block 3 standards, the reason is unknown.

Post-Fall CareerEdit

Other than her reactivating and destruction much of Olduvai times as part of the Copernicus Defense Fleet remained unknown.

Non-Canon BSPEdit

Olduvai appeared as the primary ship in Edward P. Vidal’s Flight of the Olduvai, a non-canon story set within the Battlestar Prometheus’s Universe.


The Olduvai was drawn by David ‘CanisD’ Briedis and Phalanx.

The name, Olduvai, come from the Olduvai Gorge located in Great Rift Valley, Tanzania. The Olduvai Gorge is also known as, “The Cradle of Mankind.”