Battlestar Nova
BS Nova
Type Nova Class Prototype
FTL Olympus class
Propulsion Four Large Sublight engines
Crew 2,324 officers and crewmen (300 Marines)
Commanding Officer Commander Richard Hatch
Role Battleship/Carrier Hybrid
Weapons 8x twin heavy KEW Turrets, 94x twin medium KEW Turrets, a variety of conveintional and nuclear space-to-space and space-to-surface missiles, point defenses
Status Active
Length 8,126 feet (2,477 meters)
Width 3,030 feet (924 meters)
Height 1,217 feet (371 meters)

The Battlestar Nova is the prototype of the Nova-Class Battlestar. She is not officially part of the Colonial Fleet. She survives the Cylon attack on the Colonies along side the Lobo Negro shipyard.

Being the prototype of her class, the Nova has some minor differences to her sister ships. Most notably, her engine pods are smaller and more curved, while her flight pods are more angular (similar to the Mercury Class Battlestar).

Nova-Class Battlestar Edit

The Nova Class Battlestar is a new and experimental class of battlestar. Nominally under the command of a Commander, they can also serve as the flag ship for an Admiral. One third larger than a Mercury Class Battlestar (e.g the Battlestar Pegasus) they are designed as fleet command ships while also serving as a one-stop heavy assault ship, capable of taking on up to four other capital ships or major ground targets by itself. They are highly automated and carry the latest technology in electronic warfare, including but not limited to electromagnetic pulse fields capable of disabling enemy electronics and a Virtual Intelligence (V.I.) computer capable of adapting to any possible threat while not violating the laws against artificial intelligence.

The Nova Class is capable of manufacturing Raptors, Vipers and Scimitars as well as any parts needed to repair them, making her completely self-sufficient in regards to fighter repair and production. They also have advanced water reclamation and food growth facilities, allowing her able to be self sufficient for up to seven years before having to resupply.

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