Dr. (Captain) April “Doc” Kaplan is the Flight Surgeon on the Battlestar Prometheus.

Doctor Kaplan is young, fiesty and absolutely dedicated to her profession. A top notch Doctor, she graduated at the top of her class from the prestigieous Colonial Defense Force School of Medicine on Caprica. After graduation she was offered a cushy assignment at Fleet Headquarters on Picon but turned it down to serve on the Battlestar Prometheus. She cares fpr her patients and works tirelessly to make sure that they have only the best healthcare that can be made available to them. Her guilty pleasure, however, is flying the Viper Mark 7. As a flight surgeon she is required to be qualified to fly the Colonial fighter in order to better understand the stresses that pilots endure while in the cockpit. In truth, there isn’t a single instance where she has ever turned down a chance to get some flight time. She has even flown several combat patrols with the regular pilots, just to get some ‘stick time’. While still new to the military she acts like a twenty year veteran by exhibiting wisdom and knowledge beyond her years. She has become a trusted advisor to several of the senior officers, including the X.O.

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